Skrt I’m in Quebec

Bonjour folks,

This week was a pretty good one, it started off pretty slow but we had a strong finish on the weekend. On Saturday we got to visit another branch that we cover that’s about 2 hours away from us. It was really good we got to meet with a hype investigator, she would be baptized if her husband didn’t hate religion which is really frustrating. The branch is like 15 minutes away from the Quebec border so we bought some Wendy’s and hopped over and ate lunch in the parking lot of a Catholic church in Quebec, pretty lit.
So I was doing a study recently and was reading in 1 Samuel chapter 8 and I read an interesting story. The story was about how the children wanted a king and the Lord said no but they basically threw a fit and the Lord was like okay fine it’s going to cause problems but you can have a king. He helps them pick a king and it, not surprisingly, causes problems. I think it’s so interesting how many stories there are of people directly going against council from God and it turning out really bad. I just encourage you to ponder on some of these stories and figure out how you can better follow Council from God.
Have a great week!

Call me Señor Shipley


Sorry I haven’t emailed in like 2 weeks, the motivation to write is on the down trend. Good stuff though, I doubt very many people read these anymore. (If you are reading this, there is $1,000 taped to the back of my xbox, not even my brothers read these anymore so you have a high chance of snagging the money if you hustle.)

This week was pretty good for missionary work and, as you read from my title, I’m a Spanish missionary now. JK but our mission is pushing the Spanish missionaries to send us people they’re teaching so we have been teaching a ton of English and we have found about 3 people that want to hear the gospel so that’s hype. Little does Gabe know I’ll be able to understand his Spanish perfectly.

Spiritual thought of the week comes from a cross reference I found while reading the Book of Mormon. It took me to Jeremiah 17:10 which reads, “I the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruits of his doings.” I thought, hey why does it use the word “reins” here. I looked it up in the dictionary and it means, “Any means of control.” This is really interesting, the Lord isn’t just trying us for character development, Hes trying to see what has control of our hearts. He wants to see if we allow Him control, but He also notes what our actions are. When you are given a challenge, remember God wants to see who controls the desires of your heart.

Take care, bless up.

Day 416 of Isolation

It’s yuh boy… Jerry,

Got a new companion this week, I can’t believe I’ve had to say goodbye to Elder Andersen twice 😔. Elder Baek is pretty dope though, he’s from Korea and he’s really nice and he’s a bomb freakin chef. I’ve been eating mucho bien for the last few days. We got a really good amount of work done as well which was dope, we taught about 3 lessons per day. We’re having a hard time meeting with Marius, the guy we have on date, because he’s so busy, but we press on.

My spiritual thought comes from an Old Testament story I didn’t know existed. It’s the first chapter of 1st Samuel and it’s the story of Hannah and God blessing her with a child. The part I thought was cool was in verses 10-11 where it talks about her commitment to prayer and her diligence. I feel like my prayers sometimes lack and it was a good reminder.

I love you all, have a good week 🙏

Russia Is Pretty Cool


This week was pretty trash. The government put in their strictest lockdown of covid and at the beginning they even gave cops the “power” to randomly stop people and give tickets if they left their home. Long story short the police said “no! You’re dumb” to the government so now it’s just a strict stay at home order and nothing is open. I got to see the Vega family though so that’s hype! Love those guys.

I wanted to share a cool concept that I learned while trying to answer a question from a guy we met. He asked what Joseph Smith meant when he said “plain and precious truths” were taken from the Bible. This was something cool Hyrum Smith said, “A mystery is a truth that cannot be known except through divine revelation—a sacred secret. … In our day such great truths as those pertaining to the restoration of the Priesthood, the work for the dead, and the re-establishment of the Church are ‘mysteries,’ because they could not have been discovered except by revelation.” Even though some things are simple to us they’re actually big mysteries to the rest of the world. I’m glad I’m blessed to understand them.

Take care and have a good week!

Elder Shipley


What’s poppin,

Houston we have landed back in the mother land, the land of my birth, North York. It’s good to be back baby… Me and Andersen had a stupid nuts week this week. Basically we got sent a gold referral from Salt Lake named Maria and shes super dope. Shes from Syria and has been in Toronto for like 3 years, she told us her story about being led by the Spirit away from a church she was going to and a guy she was dating and one night she found our church in a youtube ad. She signed up and we instantly called. Long story short, had a dope lesson, she came to church and brought her mom, she’s already homies with the relief society, life is freakin good.

Well for my spiritual thought I just want you all to prepare for General Conference this weekend, the Super Bowl for missionaries. I just encourage you to focus on what you need to do specifically to make you’re individual experience better. God wants to talk to you and teach you and He has things for you to learn.

Love you all, have a great week!

“I’ll be taking my talents to North York . . .” – Labron James

What’s up boys and girls,

Yes it is true, my time at the mansion has come to an end. I’m super sad to leave this area, this has probably been my favorite area on my mission and I’ve had some of my best times here. I’ve really seen a ton of miracles here and it was really surreal being at church in person yesterday and seeing two recent converts to the church participating and enjoying the service. Brampton is a special place, I will miss it much.

But at the same time I got the next best news I could have gotten. I’m going to serve with Elder Andersen again! I’m stupid hyped, I love Andersen. I can’t wait to get to work with him again, I’m pumped.

For my spiritual thought this week I just want to testify of the power of the Book of Mormon. Everytime I reread I can’t believe how much I get out of it. As I was rereading 2 Nephi I’m impressed by the testimony of the Savior the Nephi gives and how many different way he shares that testimony. As believers we need to find new, unique ways to study the Book of Mormon so we can get the most out of it.

Have a good week. Take care.

Shoutout to Bruce

Hey everyone another week in the books,

We had a pretty solid week this week. Continued to do some service which keeps us busy. We had interviews with President and it’s always super hype to talk with him.

Narine had his interview yesterday for baptism and he passed! I love that guy hes so humble and kind. He just keeps telling us how much he appreciates us and always shares his testimony of the power of the Gospel.

Shout out to my friend Bruce. Apparently I have more of an internet presence than what I thought, this spiritual thought is for you buddy 🙏 “So I believe that Jesus did not intend His sermon on this subject to be a verbal hammer for battering us about our shortcomings. No, I believe He intended it to be a tribute to who and what God the Eternal Father is and what we can achieve with Him in eternity. In any case, I am grateful to know that in spite of my imperfections, at least God is perfect—that at least He is, for example, able to love His enemies, because too often, due to the “natural man” and woman in us, you and I are sometimes that enemy. How grateful I am that at least God can bless those who despitefully use Him because, without wanting or intending to do so, we all despitefully use Him sometimes. I am grateful that God is merciful and a peacemaker because I need mercy and the world needs peace. Of course, all we say of the Father’s virtues we also say of His Only Begotten Son, who lived and died unto the same perfection.

I hasten to say that focusing on the Father’s and the Son’s achievements rather than our failures does not give us one ounce of justification for undisciplined lives or dumbing down our standards. No, from the beginning the gospel has been “for the perfecting of the saints, … till we … come … unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ.” I am simply suggesting that at least one purpose of a scripture or a commandment can be to remind us just how magnificent “the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ” really is, inspiring in us greater love and admiration for Him and a greater desire to be like Him.”

There is no need to be little ourselves for short comings and mistakes and there is absolutely zero need for us to be little others for mistakes when we make the same amount or more. We don’t believe perfection is possible because of our own ability to pull it out of us, we believe in it because we know God can. Just try to be a little better every day, do a little more, push a little bit and the progress will stack up.

Love you all have a good week!

Day 845

What’s poppin,

Another week of success. Lots of the week was taken up by the mission tour by Elder Kelly R Johnson, hes the guy that spoke in General Conference about his daughter lighting the microwave on fire. Dope guy, I really enjoyed the stuff he taught and got a lot to work on to improve my missionary work.
Narine is doing great, I freakin love that man. Hes such a good soul and super genuine. We’re planning his baptism for March 6th so that’s exciting.
Something interesting I learned from my studies this week came from reading about the Great and Spacious Building in Lehi’s dream. I read the portion where the angel explains it to Nephi and noticed that he explains the building as the “imaginations” of the world. I thought that was really interesting. We can see that in our world, everyone has there own way that they think brings happiness and most of them are destructive and non beneficial. You have people that imagine there is no God, that gender doesn’t matter, that government should control all, that they are entitled to everything without work. Part of having the true Gospel is being able to see what is true and what is imagination. The truth will set you free and bring the happiness no one else can find.
Have a good week! Love you all!

All We’re Missing Is An Englishmen

What up what up,

We’re back in paradise baby. This week was pretty feugo. We picked up Elder Sommerfeldt on Tuesday and it was so hype, I still can’t believe I get to serve with him again. It’s crazy because now we aren’t babies in the mission so it’s better than the first time around, we do wish we had Elder Martin still 🤧.
We have 2 people on date so that’s hype. Narine is a guy found off Facebook and he’s hype, really smart guy. We also are teaching Anna and she’s super nice, she’s only 17 so we need some prayers for her that her fam will continue to be chill about her getting baptized.
This week I’m going to steal this quote from the legend herself Esther. She sent it to me and I thought it was dope.
“Of all the problems you encounter in this life there is one that towers above then all and it’s the least understood. The worst of all human conditions in this life is not poverty, sickness, loneliness, abuse or war, as awful as those conditions are. The worst of all human conditions is the most common. It’s to die spiritually. It’s to be separated from the presence of God and in this life His presence is His spirit. That’s the worst. Conversely, the best of all human conditions in this life is not wealth, fame, prestige, good health, the honors of men, or security. As wonderful as some of those things are, the best of all human conditions is to be endowed with heavenly power. It’s to be born again, to have the gift and the companionship of the Holy Ghost which is the source of revelation, clarity, love, peace, confidence, and almost every other good thing. Pay whatever price you must pay, bear whatever burden you must bear and make whatever sacrifice you must make to get and keep in your life the Spirit and the power of the Holy Ghost. Every good thing depends on it.” – Elder Corbidge
This one is something I’ve learned on my mission. The natural man doesn’t want us to realize how good we feel when we follow the Spirit and have it in our lives. We have to learn to enjoy when we feel the Spirit because it will make our lives so much more fulfilling.
Have a great week, love you all. #takenote