What’s poppin,

Houston we have landed back in the mother land, the land of my birth, North York. It’s good to be back baby… Me and Andersen had a stupid nuts week this week. Basically we got sent a gold referral from Salt Lake named Maria and shes super dope. Shes from Syria and has been in Toronto for like 3 years, she told us her story about being led by the Spirit away from a church she was going to and a guy she was dating and one night she found our church in a youtube ad. She signed up and we instantly called. Long story short, had a dope lesson, she came to church and brought her mom, she’s already homies with the relief society, life is freakin good.

Well for my spiritual thought I just want you all to prepare for General Conference this weekend, the Super Bowl for missionaries. I just encourage you to focus on what you need to do specifically to make you’re individual experience better. God wants to talk to you and teach you and He has things for you to learn.

Love you all, have a great week!

All We’re Missing Is An Englishmen

What up what up,

We’re back in paradise baby. This week was pretty feugo. We picked up Elder Sommerfeldt on Tuesday and it was so hype, I still can’t believe I get to serve with him again. It’s crazy because now we aren’t babies in the mission so it’s better than the first time around, we do wish we had Elder Martin still 🤧.
We have 2 people on date so that’s hype. Narine is a guy found off Facebook and he’s hype, really smart guy. We also are teaching Anna and she’s super nice, she’s only 17 so we need some prayers for her that her fam will continue to be chill about her getting baptized.
This week I’m going to steal this quote from the legend herself Esther. She sent it to me and I thought it was dope.
“Of all the problems you encounter in this life there is one that towers above then all and it’s the least understood. The worst of all human conditions in this life is not poverty, sickness, loneliness, abuse or war, as awful as those conditions are. The worst of all human conditions is the most common. It’s to die spiritually. It’s to be separated from the presence of God and in this life His presence is His spirit. That’s the worst. Conversely, the best of all human conditions in this life is not wealth, fame, prestige, good health, the honors of men, or security. As wonderful as some of those things are, the best of all human conditions is to be endowed with heavenly power. It’s to be born again, to have the gift and the companionship of the Holy Ghost which is the source of revelation, clarity, love, peace, confidence, and almost every other good thing. Pay whatever price you must pay, bear whatever burden you must bear and make whatever sacrifice you must make to get and keep in your life the Spirit and the power of the Holy Ghost. Every good thing depends on it.” – Elder Corbidge
This one is something I’ve learned on my mission. The natural man doesn’t want us to realize how good we feel when we follow the Spirit and have it in our lives. We have to learn to enjoy when we feel the Spirit because it will make our lives so much more fulfilling.
Have a great week, love you all. #takenote

I’ve Been Here Before

What’s good everyone,

First week in the Coke down and it was pretty solid. Got to have some lessons with my favorite members from here. We actually ended up finding 5 new people which was nuts. Some of them wanted to bash but it’s all good we’ll see where it goes. Real transfers are this week so I may stay or I may go I’ll have to see where the wind takes me.

I hope you guys aren’t sick of quotes because I keep finding good ones and I’m gonna keep including them haha. This comes from Elder Maxwell: “Paul wrote of how, even after faithful disciples had ‘done the will of God,’ they ‘[had] need of patience.’ (Heb. 10:36.) How many times have good individuals done the right thing initially only to break under subsequent stress? Sustaining correct conduct for a difficult moment under extraordinary stress is very commendable, but so is coping with sustained stress subtly present in seeming routineness. Either way, however, we are to ‘run with patience the race that is set before us’ (Heb. 12:1), and it is a marathon, not a dash”

I’ve seen the need for this concept a lot on my mission. I’ve had crazy spiritual experiences and then soon after I’m tested and all of a sudden forget the experience and want to give up. I think another word for enduring could be loyalty, even when the going gets tough we need to be loyal to the knowledge we have. Next time you have to endure something hard change the word endure for stay loyal.

Love you all have a good week👌

Hheeeyyyyyyyy what’s up

Hheeeyyyyyyyy what’s up,

Happy New Year everyone! If I were to describe this year with a TV show I would probably have to pick the show “WipeOut”. The whole year felt like a big moving obstacle course that only wanted to hit you in the face but it’s the way she goes sometime.
My year ended on a freakin high note though with the baptism of Amit! That was a super hype night. I was blessed with the opportunity to baptize him and it was an amazing experience, I felt a lot of happiness throught the whole service and I’ll never forget how happy he was. It felt like the culmination of the year was that night and God was saying good work by allowing me to participate in the service.
As the new year begins and resolutions are made and began I want to share a quote with you from the Prophet Joseph Smith. “By continuous labor [we] were enabled to get a comfortable maintenance.” I promise as you continue in your goals they will become easier to you, repetition and consistency works wonders and will help you better your lives. And, like always, we have the Atonement of Jesus Christ which has made it possible for us to correct any mistake including new years resolutions.
Love you! Have a good week.


Hey errybody what’s up,

Sorry I didn’t send an email last week I got distracted. I don’t have a ton to update on this week but it has been a really good couple of weeks.

We had a really cool experience doing an online tour of Temple Square with one of our investigators. I felt the Spirit really strong during the tour and saw the Spirit work on our friend. I know that the temple is the most holy place we can go to on this earth and I’m grateful I get to live so near to one right now.

I encourage everyone to read the account of the Nativity in Luke 2 together with your family. It’s only a few verses but it’s a great way to remember our Savior. Love you guys, have a good week!

Where’d Everybody Go?

What’s cookin,

Sorry I didn’t write last week, I didn’t have the physical strength to type out the words but you know it’s the way she goes sometimes. Anyway this week was kinda long but it was decent.
Like the title said, a ton of our investigators have disappeared. We were able to teach a lesson to a woman who had never heard of Jesus Christ before which was really interesting to explain. We thought it went well and she said she was good with us coming and dropping off a Bible and a Book of Mormon the next day but she said never mind and hasn’t responded since.
Hey everybody Light the World is happening! Get on that and participate in the challenges that come, it’s a great opportunity to do some service. Also I challenge you all to film a testimony or something and send it to your local missionaries, I know they are always in need of content. Have a good week, love you all!

Tragedy has struck ………


Yes the pain I feel is tremendous… Elder Andersen is being transferred. We got the call that the Brampton Boys are being split and I’m getting a new companion. This is a loss for not only the mission but also for mankind. Freakin love Andersen he’s a beast and it will be a rip to not be serving with him.

We had a good week other wise. 3 of our friends are still progressing and we’re pumped about that. Rosalie is praying about being baptized so fingers crossed.

I read a freakin dope talk this week, ponder on this wisdom:

Life offers you two precious gifts—one is time, the other freedom of choice, the freedom to buy with your time what you will. You are free to exchange your allotment of time for thrills. You may trade it for base desires. You may invest it in greed. …
“Yours is the freedom to choose. But these are no bargains, for in them you find no lasting satisfaction.
“Every day, every hour, every minute of your span of mortal years must sometime be accounted for. And it is in this life that you walk by faith and prove yourself able to choose good over evil, right over wrong, enduring happiness over mere amusement. And your eternal reward will be according to your choosing.
“A prophet of God has said: ‘Men are that they might have joy’—a joy that includes a fullness of life, a life dedicated to service, to love and harmony in the home, and the fruits of honest toil—an acceptance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ—of its requirements and commandments.
“Only in these will you find true happiness, the happiness which doesn’t fade with the lights and the music and the crowds.”
-Elder Richard F Evans

Love you all, have a good week!


What’s poppin,

Not much new to report on this week. We have been finding a significant amount of people and so we focused on teaching our new people this week instead of finding. Some good progression is happening. We have one guy on date who is keeping commitments so we’re stoked about that!

We got new APs and they’re so dope, it’s been so fun having so many people in the house. We have tried all kinds of bribery and blackmail to get them to keep me and Elder Andersen here. You know what they say, dishonesty is the best policy (just kidding it was a prank.)

In other news I have to wax my legs tonight because we lost in a challenge to another zone. Salute the fallen soldiers. Take care, love you all!


Elder Shipley


Ooohhhh another week down…

What a freakin fun week. This week my trainee, Elder Bravender, got called back to his original assignment in Zambia and so we got to spend the week with us before he left. I freakin love that guy, we had so much fun together and I was so sad to take him to the airport. The heart is still a little tender… I’ll be fine…
We had a baptism of a lil nino this week Evanna. It went great and she was happy. We also put a man on date for baptism which is dope, lookin to perform dunkage at the end of Novemeber.
I literally haven’t gotten to personal study because of how busy we are so my spiritual thoughts are lacking. I’ll find one next week. Just be righteous. Love you all

High Rollin in the Mansion

Yoooooo salutations,

This week was another week. Literally can’t remember what happened during the week. We had a 2 and a half hour meeting and we had Conference. That’s all I can remember lol.

Conference was lit though! Last session went out with a bang with all my favorites like Stevenson, Renlund, and Holland. Saw a pattern of, we can be better than we are so that’s what I’m gonna try and do.

I got transfered though! I’m moving to a city called Brampton and I’m living in a house that the mission owns. I’m stoked out of my mind, it’s going to be good times.

My favorite quote of the day was, “Effective and timely preparation proceeds successful proving.” Thanks Bednar, I should be doing that.

Love you take care!