All We’re Missing Is An Englishmen

What up what up,

We’re back in paradise baby. This week was pretty feugo. We picked up Elder Sommerfeldt on Tuesday and it was so hype, I still can’t believe I get to serve with him again. It’s crazy because now we aren’t babies in the mission so it’s better than the first time around, we do wish we had Elder Martin still 🤧.
We have 2 people on date so that’s hype. Narine is a guy found off Facebook and he’s hype, really smart guy. We also are teaching Anna and she’s super nice, she’s only 17 so we need some prayers for her that her fam will continue to be chill about her getting baptized.
This week I’m going to steal this quote from the legend herself Esther. She sent it to me and I thought it was dope.
“Of all the problems you encounter in this life there is one that towers above then all and it’s the least understood. The worst of all human conditions in this life is not poverty, sickness, loneliness, abuse or war, as awful as those conditions are. The worst of all human conditions is the most common. It’s to die spiritually. It’s to be separated from the presence of God and in this life His presence is His spirit. That’s the worst. Conversely, the best of all human conditions in this life is not wealth, fame, prestige, good health, the honors of men, or security. As wonderful as some of those things are, the best of all human conditions is to be endowed with heavenly power. It’s to be born again, to have the gift and the companionship of the Holy Ghost which is the source of revelation, clarity, love, peace, confidence, and almost every other good thing. Pay whatever price you must pay, bear whatever burden you must bear and make whatever sacrifice you must make to get and keep in your life the Spirit and the power of the Holy Ghost. Every good thing depends on it.” – Elder Corbidge
This one is something I’ve learned on my mission. The natural man doesn’t want us to realize how good we feel when we follow the Spirit and have it in our lives. We have to learn to enjoy when we feel the Spirit because it will make our lives so much more fulfilling.
Have a great week, love you all. #takenote

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