Amit is Good

What’s up everyone,

This week was really good, we had a mini transfer for missionaries heading home so we spent a lot of our week cleaning that up. Lots of driving for us which I personally enjoy I don’t know about Elder Stock.

So this guy that just walked into church when I was still with Elder Andersen has been progressing a bunch and we are hoping to baptize him at the start of the new year! Amit doesn’t speak very much English but we have some friends that speak Hindi so they have been helping us teach. I’m psyched, this guy is super cool.

I’ve been studying in the book of John and I found a quote that I really liked from a commentary on the book. “There is only one way to happiness and fulfillment. He is the Way. Every other way, any other way, whatever other way, is foolishness. …
“… We can either follow the Lord and be endowed with His power and have peace, light, strength, knowledge, confidence, love, and joy, or we can go some other way, any other way, whatever other way, and go it alone—without His support, without His power, without guidance, in darkness, turmoil, doubt, grief, and despair. And I ask, which way is easier? …
“There is only one way to happiness and fulfillment. Jesus Christ is the Way”

We often forget how much easier the way is when we follow Christ. He’s never going to make us go somewhere that isn’t good for us, He has good intentions always. He is the only to Salvation and all other ways don’t have the power to save. I’m grateful to get to learn more about Him and share my experiences with others. Hope you all have a good week!

Merry Christmas


Elder Shipley

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