Skrt I’m in Quebec

Bonjour folks, This week was a pretty good one, it started off pretty slow but we had a strong finish on the weekend. On Saturday we got to visit another branch that we cover that’s about 2 hours away from us. It was really good we got to meet with a hype investigator, she would … Read more

Call me Señor Shipley

Heyoooo, Sorry I haven’t emailed in like 2 weeks, the motivation to write is on the down trend. Good stuff though, I doubt very many people read these anymore. (If you are reading this, there is $1,000 taped to the back of my xbox, not even my brothers read these anymore so you have a … Read more

Day 416 of Isolation

It’s yuh boy… Jerry, Got a new companion this week, I can’t believe I’ve had to say goodbye to Elder Andersen twice 😔. Elder Baek is pretty dope though, he’s from Korea and he’s really nice and he’s a bomb freakin chef. I’ve been eating mucho bien for the last few days. We got a … Read more

Russia Is Pretty Cool

Heyooo This week was pretty trash. The government put in their strictest lockdown of covid and at the beginning they even gave cops the “power” to randomly stop people and give tickets if they left their home. Long story short the police said “no! You’re dumb” to the government so now it’s just a strict … Read more

Shoutout to Bruce

Hey everyone another week in the books, We had a pretty solid week this week. Continued to do some service which keeps us busy. We had interviews with President and it’s always super hype to talk with him. Narine had his interview yesterday for baptism and he passed! I love that guy hes so humble … Read more

Day 845

What’s poppin, Another week of success. Lots of the week was taken up by the mission tour by Elder Kelly R Johnson, hes the guy that spoke in General Conference about his daughter lighting the microwave on fire. Dope guy, I really enjoyed the stuff he taught and got a lot to work on to … Read more

Brampton Bound Baby

What’s up everyone, You’ve read it right, I’m returning to the promised land. I’ve missed that place it’s such a good area. Bittersweet though, my companion Elder Stock got called else where and it’s a bummer because I love that guy. I am getting one of my previous companions Elder Sommerfeldt so that’s really hype. … Read more

Mmmmmmhhh Coke

What’s good, Another week down and it was another pretty good week. We had a lot of Zone stuff to finish and deal with so we kept busy. We also had a miracle with our friend Anita in the ward, shes super stellar. When calling through the Areabook we called a guy who had met … Read more