All We’re Missing Is An Englishmen

What up what up, We’re back in paradise baby. This week was pretty feugo. We picked up Elder Sommerfeldt on Tuesday and it was so hype, I still can’t believe I get to serve with him again. It’s crazy because now we aren’t babies in the mission so it’s better than the first time around, … Read more

I’ve Been Here Before

What’s good everyone, First week in the Coke down and it was pretty solid. Got to have some lessons with my favorite members from here. We actually ended up finding 5 new people which was nuts. Some of them wanted to bash but it’s all good we’ll see where it goes. Real transfers are this … Read more

Hheeeyyyyyyyy what’s up

Hheeeyyyyyyyy what’s up, Happy New Year everyone! If I were to describe this year with a TV show I would probably have to pick the show “WipeOut”. The whole year felt like a big moving obstacle course that only wanted to hit you in the face but it’s the way she goes sometime. My year … Read more


Hey errybody what’s up,

Sorry I didn’t send an email last week I got distracted. I don’t have a ton to update on this week but it has been a really good couple of weeks.

We had a really cool experience doing an online tour of Temple Square with one of our investigators. I felt the Spirit really strong during the tour and saw the Spirit work on our friend. I know that the temple is the most holy place we can go to on this earth and I’m grateful I get to live so near to one right now.

I encourage everyone to read the account of the Nativity in Luke 2 together with your family. It’s only a few verses but it’s a great way to remember our Savior. Love you guys, have a good week!

Where’d Everybody Go?

What’s cookin, Sorry I didn’t write last week, I didn’t have the physical strength to type out the words but you know it’s the way she goes sometimes. Anyway this week was kinda long but it was decent. Like the title said, a ton of our investigators have disappeared. We were able to teach a … Read more

Tragedy has struck ………

Howdy, Yes the pain I feel is tremendous… Elder Andersen is being transferred. We got the call that the Brampton Boys are being split and I’m getting a new companion. This is a loss for not only the mission but also for mankind. Freakin love Andersen he’s a beast and it will be a rip … Read more


What’s poppin, Not much new to report on this week. We have been finding a significant amount of people and so we focused on teaching our new people this week instead of finding. Some good progression is happening. We have one guy on date who is keeping commitments so we’re stoked about that! We got … Read more


Ooohhhh another week down… What a freakin fun week. This week my trainee, Elder Bravender, got called back to his original assignment in Zambia and so we got to spend the week with us before he left. I freakin love that guy, we had so much fun together and I was so sad to take … Read more

High Rollin in the Mansion

Yoooooo salutations, This week was another week. Literally can’t remember what happened during the week. We had a 2 and a half hour meeting and we had Conference. That’s all I can remember lol. Conference was lit though! Last session went out with a bang with all my favorites like Stevenson, Renlund, and Holland. Saw … Read more