Brampton Bound Baby

What’s up everyone,

You’ve read it right, I’m returning to the promised land. I’ve missed that place it’s such a good area. Bittersweet though, my companion Elder Stock got called else where and it’s a bummer because I love that guy. I am getting one of my previous companions Elder Sommerfeldt so that’s really hype. Back to the grind ladies and gents.

Apparently 2 people that we were teaching in Brampton have agreed to baptismal dates so that’s nuts. One was a guy found on our Facebook page and another requested to do a Bible study. I’m returning to blessings.

You guessed it, you’re getting another quote from my studies because I keep finding good ones. This one came from my study of 1 Nephi and really resonated with me on making decisions.
“Be willing to take reasonable risks. We live in an age of reason, logic, facts, and figures. These can be useful if kept in subjection to faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. But if they ever take precedence over faith in Him, then they are not useful and can be very harmful. I have found in my life that most of the good decisions I have made may not have been made if they were based solely on logic or reason. …

“… Nephi was determined to do what God wanted him to do even with logic to the contrary. The scriptures tell us in 1 Nephi 4:6 that he went forth not knowing beforehand what he should do but knowing he should obey God and get the plates. …

“I suspect had he listened only to reason, Nephi and his brethren would still be waiting outside the walls of Jerusalem. I sometimes wonder if by our listening to reason and logic too much, and not trusting God enough, we may find ourselves waiting outside the walls of His holy city” (“Trust in the Lord”)

I think a lot of times the decisions we make in the as followers of Jesus Christ don’t seem “logical” or “reasonable” but it doesn’t matter, when we’ve been told to do something by our Savior we gotta do it. He’s ultimately going to confound logic and reasoning anyway.

Love you all, take care!

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