Day 416 of Isolation

It’s yuh boy… Jerry,

Got a new companion this week, I can’t believe I’ve had to say goodbye to Elder Andersen twice 😔. Elder Baek is pretty dope though, he’s from Korea and he’s really nice and he’s a bomb freakin chef. I’ve been eating mucho bien for the last few days. We got a really good amount of work done as well which was dope, we taught about 3 lessons per day. We’re having a hard time meeting with Marius, the guy we have on date, because he’s so busy, but we press on.

My spiritual thought comes from an Old Testament story I didn’t know existed. It’s the first chapter of 1st Samuel and it’s the story of Hannah and God blessing her with a child. The part I thought was cool was in verses 10-11 where it talks about her commitment to prayer and her diligence. I feel like my prayers sometimes lack and it was a good reminder.

I love you all, have a good week 🙏

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