Day 845

What’s poppin,

Another week of success. Lots of the week was taken up by the mission tour by Elder Kelly R Johnson, hes the guy that spoke in General Conference about his daughter lighting the microwave on fire. Dope guy, I really enjoyed the stuff he taught and got a lot to work on to improve my missionary work.
Narine is doing great, I freakin love that man. Hes such a good soul and super genuine. We’re planning his baptism for March 6th so that’s exciting.
Something interesting I learned from my studies this week came from reading about the Great and Spacious Building in Lehi’s dream. I read the portion where the angel explains it to Nephi and noticed that he explains the building as the “imaginations” of the world. I thought that was really interesting. We can see that in our world, everyone has there own way that they think brings happiness and most of them are destructive and non beneficial. You have people that imagine there is no God, that gender doesn’t matter, that government should control all, that they are entitled to everything without work. Part of having the true Gospel is being able to see what is true and what is imagination. The truth will set you free and bring the happiness no one else can find.
Have a good week! Love you all!

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