Hheeeyyyyyyyy what’s up

Hheeeyyyyyyyy what’s up,

Happy New Year everyone! If I were to describe this year with a TV show I would probably have to pick the show “WipeOut”. The whole year felt like a big moving obstacle course that only wanted to hit you in the face but it’s the way she goes sometime.
My year ended on a freakin high note though with the baptism of Amit! That was a super hype night. I was blessed with the opportunity to baptize him and it was an amazing experience, I felt a lot of happiness throught the whole service and I’ll never forget how happy he was. It felt like the culmination of the year was that night and God was saying good work by allowing me to participate in the service.
As the new year begins and resolutions are made and began I want to share a quote with you from the Prophet Joseph Smith. “By continuous labor [we] were enabled to get a comfortable maintenance.” I promise as you continue in your goals they will become easier to you, repetition and consistency works wonders and will help you better your lives. And, like always, we have the Atonement of Jesus Christ which has made it possible for us to correct any mistake including new years resolutions.
Love you! Have a good week.

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