I Have A Large Posterity


Sorry I missed last week I got distracted haha. This week was really solid! I got called to be a trainer again so this is the 4th time I’ll have trained, pretty dope. I also have a 3rd companion that I served with at the beginning of Covid, solid man.
We ran into a lot of people while walking around that stopped us to talk to us so that was dope. We’re hopefully meeting with one this week.
I really enjoyed a scripture I read in D&C this week. It’s D&C 106: 6-8 and it talks about a guy that’s been called to serve in the church. He’s made mistakes and the Lord acknowledges his imperfections but then promises blessings for eternity everytime this guy is faithful to him. I think we often times forget that when we repent and do things right heaven cheers and they don’t remember those past mistakes. Just be a little better every day and if you mess up be better tomorrow.
Love yall

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