What’s poppin,

Houston we have landed back in the mother land, the land of my birth, North York. It’s good to be back baby… Me and Andersen had a stupid nuts week this week. Basically we got sent a gold referral from Salt Lake named Maria and shes super dope. Shes from Syria and has been in Toronto for like 3 years, she told us her story about being led by the Spirit away from a church she was going to and a guy she was dating and one night she found our church in a youtube ad. She signed up and we instantly called. Long story short, had a dope lesson, she came to church and brought her mom, she’s already homies with the relief society, life is freakin good.

Well for my spiritual thought I just want you all to prepare for General Conference this weekend, the Super Bowl for missionaries. I just encourage you to focus on what you need to do specifically to make you’re individual experience better. God wants to talk to you and teach you and He has things for you to learn.

Love you all, have a great week!

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