“It’s like I’m trapped in a wet garbage bag”- Elder Bravender

What’s gucci,

This week was a week. We did some good stuff this week I was proud of us. We got put in charge of moderating our zone Facebook page so we got to respond to people. Lots of psychos but it was still work to filter through to the accountable people haha. We also committed Matthew to be baptized at the beginning of August! We were super hyped and he’s a beast, just gotta get him to church now.

Title of my email is the current state of Ontario. The humidity is destroying us, it’s like we’re swimming through a mens rec center shower and everyone is blasting the showers full blast on hot. I have not been dry in a weeks and towels are ineffective in drying me off haha. The grind never stops though 💪

Love you all!

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