I’ve Been Here Before

What’s good everyone,

First week in the Coke down and it was pretty solid. Got to have some lessons with my favorite members from here. We actually ended up finding 5 new people which was nuts. Some of them wanted to bash but it’s all good we’ll see where it goes. Real transfers are this week so I may stay or I may go I’ll have to see where the wind takes me.

I hope you guys aren’t sick of quotes because I keep finding good ones and I’m gonna keep including them haha. This comes from Elder Maxwell: “Paul wrote of how, even after faithful disciples had ‘done the will of God,’ they ‘[had] need of patience.’ (Heb. 10:36.) How many times have good individuals done the right thing initially only to break under subsequent stress? Sustaining correct conduct for a difficult moment under extraordinary stress is very commendable, but so is coping with sustained stress subtly present in seeming routineness. Either way, however, we are to ‘run with patience the race that is set before us’ (Heb. 12:1), and it is a marathon, not a dash”

I’ve seen the need for this concept a lot on my mission. I’ve had crazy spiritual experiences and then soon after I’m tested and all of a sudden forget the experience and want to give up. I think another word for enduring could be loyalty, even when the going gets tough we need to be loyal to the knowledge we have. Next time you have to endure something hard change the word endure for stay loyal.

Love you all have a good week👌

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