Mmmmmmhhh Coke

What’s good,

Another week down and it was another pretty good week. We had a lot of Zone stuff to finish and deal with so we kept busy. We also had a miracle with our friend Anita in the ward, shes super stellar. When calling through the Areabook we called a guy who had met the missionaries awhile ago but he spoke Hindi. Well about an hour later we had Anita on the phone with him and she gave him a brief lesson on the Restoration. He even came to church on Sunday, me and Elder Stocks for a Hindi branch are alive.

I have moved temporarily, for now, to live in Etobicoke again. I’ve already called some people that I knew and it was really good to hear from them again.

A quote I thought was a good reminder: “The Lord saw it all coming. He planned for it, step by step, as He has done with other changes in His Church. He has raised up and prepared faithful people who choose to do hard things well. He has always been lovingly patient in helping us learn “line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little.” He is firm in the timing and the sequence of His intentions, yet He ensures that sacrifice often brings continuing blessings that we did not foresee.” Just keep moving forward everyone! The light is just at the end of the tunnel, even if a bend in the tunnel makes it so you can’t see the light, it will be there.

Have a good week!

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