What’s good,

This week I landed in my new area Barrie. It’s a lot different from where I’ve usually served. There’s tons of farms and lots of space so I’m enjoying the break from city vibes.
We were just gangin around doing missionary work and stuff and visiting all the members, we had like 5 in person member lessons which is a big deal, and then we got an unfortunate call. Some elder in Elder Giles last area is getting tested for Corona and because Giles was in contact with him they told us we have to go into extreme isolation. So no more gangin until we get them results.
I just want to testify of the power of the Book of Mormon. I made a deal with an investigator in Etobicoke about 2 weeks ago. She has some very big issues with the church and was refusing to read the Book of Mormon. She was convinced if I didn’t read the Book of Mormon for 2 weeks that I would come to a revelation or something that everything I believe is false and all that jazz. So I took her challenge but she had to read the Book of Mormon everyday while I just read the New Testament. Big news, the church is still true. I did have a very unique experience though. I felt like I was missing a part of me not reading the Book of Mormon. There wasn’t as much joy in my mornings not being able to study it and I was missing the Spirit that came from studying it everyday. The Book of Mormon in true and I know it 140%. The Book of Mormon is undeniable and I know if you read it with real desire to know if it is true you will know through the Holy Ghost. I love that freakin book.
PS. I finally got in an area where I could recreate the iconic Elder Hales corn pick. Shoutout to Tobs, big testimony, big heart 😘
PSS. And this is what 7 months without being allowed to get a haircut looks like:

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