Russia Is Pretty Cool


This week was pretty trash. The government put in their strictest lockdown of covid and at the beginning they even gave cops the “power” to randomly stop people and give tickets if they left their home. Long story short the police said “no! You’re dumb” to the government so now it’s just a strict stay at home order and nothing is open. I got to see the Vega family though so that’s hype! Love those guys.

I wanted to share a cool concept that I learned while trying to answer a question from a guy we met. He asked what Joseph Smith meant when he said “plain and precious truths” were taken from the Bible. This was something cool Hyrum Smith said, “A mystery is a truth that cannot be known except through divine revelation—a sacred secret. … In our day such great truths as those pertaining to the restoration of the Priesthood, the work for the dead, and the re-establishment of the Church are ‘mysteries,’ because they could not have been discovered except by revelation.” Even though some things are simple to us they’re actually big mysteries to the rest of the world. I’m glad I’m blessed to understand them.

Take care and have a good week!

Elder Shipley

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