Shooobity Whaap

Hey everybody,

Welp nothing much to report this week because we got thrown back into extreme lock down yet again. The province has declared a state of emergency and have a stay at home order in place. Police have been stopping people and the whole shabang so that’s fun. Took a hit to us because we were having good success dropping off free copies of the Bible to people but that’s no more. We also can’t even pick up meals from members anymore so I’m gonna be cheffin it up.

We had some good things happen calling people in the ward. There were some less active part member families that we talked to and set up lessons with, stay tuned I guess.

Something interesting that stuck out to me this week was when the senior missionaries in our mission shared departing testimonies. One shared, “We came out on a mission expecting to change the world and are leaving with a change in us.” That really hit me because I feel like that is how I feel about my mission. I thought when I became a missionary I would just baptize and change every person’s life that I talked to and I got really discouraged at points when I wasn’t doing that. I have definitely seen a change in my self and I know my Savior a little bit better than I did before. I do think the most you’ll change the world is when you see changes in yourself though, you’ll affect others on the way.

Love you, have a great week!

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