Skrt I’m in Quebec

Bonjour folks,

This week was a pretty good one, it started off pretty slow but we had a strong finish on the weekend. On Saturday we got to visit another branch that we cover that’s about 2 hours away from us. It was really good we got to meet with a hype investigator, she would be baptized if her husband didn’t hate religion which is really frustrating. The branch is like 15 minutes away from the Quebec border so we bought some Wendy’s and hopped over and ate lunch in the parking lot of a Catholic church in Quebec, pretty lit.
So I was doing a study recently and was reading in 1 Samuel chapter 8 and I read an interesting story. The story was about how the children wanted a king and the Lord said no but they basically threw a fit and the Lord was like okay fine it’s going to cause problems but you can have a king. He helps them pick a king and it, not surprisingly, causes problems. I think it’s so interesting how many stories there are of people directly going against council from God and it turning out really bad. I just encourage you to ponder on some of these stories and figure out how you can better follow Council from God.
Have a great week!

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