Where’d Everybody Go?

What’s cookin,

Sorry I didn’t write last week, I didn’t have the physical strength to type out the words but you know it’s the way she goes sometimes. Anyway this week was kinda long but it was decent.
Like the title said, a ton of our investigators have disappeared. We were able to teach a lesson to a woman who had never heard of Jesus Christ before which was really interesting to explain. We thought it went well and she said she was good with us coming and dropping off a Bible and a Book of Mormon the next day but she said never mind and hasn’t responded since.
Hey everybody Light the World is happening! Get on that and participate in the challenges that come, it’s a great opportunity to do some service. Also I challenge you all to film a testimony or something and send it to your local missionaries, I know they are always in need of content. Have a good week, love you all!

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