“You can touch my bum, we are friends.” -Rajeejh

Hey what’s up amigos!

This was a solid week. We worked really hard this week on finding and I feel like my bus contacting and testifying with the Spirit has been getting a lot better and I’m really pumped about it. Even when people turn me down or don’t show interest it doesn’t really phase me so I’m feeling good right now haha.

Cool Bus contacting story: So we were on the way home from serving at a Food Bank and I was sitting on the bus and this guy sat next to me. I just started talking with him and he didn’t really want to talk to me but I just kept up conversation. He started to open up when I told him that I work for my church and that I don’t get paid and that I really love church because I get to feel the Spirit in my life. I felt the Holy Ghost as I was just doing simple, simple testifying, not even anything about our church in specific. Anyway he started to open up a little bit and told me his name was Wilson and he was from Kenya. Shout out to Elder Jakes because there are so many people from Africa here and when I tell them my best friend is working for our church in Africa they get excited and open up. He started asking me questions and said that he might come to church Dec 1 so everyone pray for Wilson.

Alright to the title of my email and one of the funniest experiences on my mission so far. We just dropped off a Bible to a guy in a cemetery, also kind of funny, and are waiting at a bus stop. All of a sudden this tiny East Indian guy walks out of the gas station and sees us and gets excited. He waddles over to us and just goes 100 mph in his accent and all I could pick out was that he has gone to our church before, he likes the missionaries, he was starting a new jo, and he just barley got a new out fit for work. He looks at me and hands me a tie he pulls out of his pocket and does a motion for me to tie it, so I tie it and he bends his head down and so I slide it on but then he just stays like that so I pop his collar, tuck in the tie, straighten his collar, get the knot all straight and snugg and lemme tell you my boy Rajeejh was looking fresh. We were hyping his outfit up. Then he starts speaking 100 mph again and motions to his pants pocket and saying “Rip it” to my companion Elder Hugh. Like all new dress pants the pockets were sewn shut and my boy Rajeejh needed them back pockets. So he’s motioning for Elder Hugh and Elder Hugh looks so uncomfortable and Rajeejh is like, “It’s okay you can touch my bum, we are friends.” So he’s like aight and opened his pocket for him. He gave lots of thanks and went off to his new job I guess. It was very funny we laughed at Elder Hugh for a long time.

Sorry this email is really long already but for a Spiritual thought I would just encourage you to figure out how the Spirit speaks to you. I’ve had a hard time descerning the Spirit on my mission but this transfer I’ve been having a really good time and getting to understand it a lot better and it’s really cool. The church is true and all you need is the Spirit to tell you. Love you guys talk to you next week!

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